We reported yesterday that it was possible for the Halo Wars 2 beta to go live in the coming week. We expected that Microsoft would talk more about this real-time strategy game at E3 2016 and it has. The company has confirmed the Halo Wars 2 release date and it has also launched the beta today. A new trailer was showcased at the E3 event as well which gave us a good look at the sequel to the original Halo Wars title which came out back in 2007.

Microsoft talked a bit about this game at its E3 2016 press event. Halo Wars 2 is set immediately after the events of Halo 5, it’s being developed by 343 Industries with help from The Creative Assembly,

This real-time strategy game gives a unique gameplay experience as players have an aerial view of the forces they control in the battles, the fast-paced real-time strategy battles are bound to be appreciated by a great number of players who like such games.

343 Studios is going to run an eight-day open beta for Halo Wars 2 starting today. Xbox One owners can download the 13GB beta and try out the game’s multiplayer chops with up to six players.

Halo Wars 2 will be released in February next year. When it does arrive it will come with a remastered version of the original Halo Wars game from 2007.

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