Instagram has reached a major milestone. It has announced today that the milestone of 500 million monthly active users has been reached with 100 million of those monthly users being from the United States. The number itself doesn’t reveal how many of these users spend time on Instagram every single day but there’s a number for that itself. Instagram has said that now some 300 million people across the globe use its service every single day.

That’s a massive achievement for this service which has grown significantly over the last couple of years, particularly it was acquired by Facebook. It’s surely on its way to becoming the next Facebook-owned property to have a billion monthly users.

Instagram’s global user base has doubled over the last two years. It hit the 400 million user milestone in September last year. It took Instagram nine months to hit 400 million from 300 million users that it had back in December 2014.

Instagram has revealed that a typical day on which some 300 million people are online sees more than 95 million photos being posted and some 4.3 billion photos and videos being liked on average.

It goes without saying that Instagram will continue to chase that only billion monthly user milestone. Facebook already has more than a billion users and so does WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook. It’s only a matter of time before Instagram joins the three comma club.

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