ios 10 clock appIt goes without saying that sleep is important. Not only does it allow our body to rest, it lets our body heal itself, and it can also help us figure out problems in our subconscious. Now there are several ways to keep track of your sleep, whether it be via gadgets like wearables or apps, and now it looks like Apple has decided to bring some of those features to its Clock app.

iOS 10 was announced yesterday and one of the changes that Apple has made is to its Clock app, where instead of merely telling you the time, setting alarms, timers, and stopwatch, it now offer up sleep analysis. How does this work? Dubbed Bedtime, this lets users set the time they need to wake up.

It also allows them to set how much sleep they want to get. For example if you want to ensure you have 8 hours of sleep, the app will basically remind you when it is time to sleep. Say you set your alarm for 8am, meaning that to get 8 hours of sleep, you’ll need to be in bed by 12am, which the app will remind you to do.

There will also be a graph that will detail your quality of sleep. Note that this does not exactly replace the likes of the Sleep Cycle app. Instead it seems that it measures your quality of sleep by what time you actually go to bed, so Sleep Cycle users don’t be so hasty to ditch the app just yet. iOS 10 is still in beta and has been set for a release this coming fall presumably alongside Apple’s next-gen iPhones.

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