blue-iphone-7If there is one thing about Apple’s iPhones is that for the most part, they are pretty stylish and offer up a sleek and simple design, versus other companies like Nokia who has in the past opted for bright and loud colors to distinguish their handsets from the competition. Apple has over the years introduced new color options, but has always kept silver and black/grey as the mainstay.

However a new and somewhat sketchy rumor has surfaced which suggests that Apple could be dropping space gray as a color option. Instead Apple is expected to introduce a blue finish as one of the color options for the upcoming iPhone 7. Now colorful Apple products aren’t new as evidenced in the iPod lineup, but a blue iPhone? That does seem a bit odd.

According to the rumor which has been translated from Chinese, “However, it seems a new deep blue color is added. Current Silver, Gold, joined by Deep Blue to Rose Gold, information sources that there is a high possibility that the space gray disappears says.” It could be that something was lost in translation, but Apple dropping space gray as a color option would no doubt be a huge change.

Hopefully that isn’t the case as there are probably plenty of iPhone owners who might prefer keeping things simple and basic, so do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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