microsoft logoWhen it comes to AIO desktop systems, it is pretty obvious that Apple’s iMac probably comes to the front of everyone’s mind. Whether you love or hate Apple’s products, the iMac has sort of become the symbol for AIO systems. However it seems that Microsoft wants to knock Apple off their perch.

According to a report from Patently Apple, it seems that they have heard reports that Microsoft could be working on their own iMac competitor, and that this computer will be part of their Surface series of computing devices. After all we’ve seen Microsoft launch Surface tablets, Surface laptops, so why not a Surface desktop too, right?

Not to mention there have also been rumors about a Surface phone that is in the works. Unfortunately there is no word on when this alleged Surface AIO will be launched, but if you’re a fan of Microsoft’s Surface products to date, then the Surface AIO should be a computer worth keeping an eye out for.

The report claims that the Surface AIO is also expected to be an alternative to the second-gen Surface Book which will apparently be delayed to the first half of 2017. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but how does the idea of a Surface AIO sound to you guys?

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