Recent reports have suggested that Thunderbolt displays are in low supply. Given that we’re a week or so away from the Worldwide Developers Conference 2016, there’s speculation that Apple might finally launch new Thunderbolt displays. It was even rumored at one point that the new displays could tout 5K resolution and dedicated graphics cards. If a new report is believed, a new Thunderbolt display isn’t on the agenda, at least for now.

The report contradicts rumors that Apple is going to introduce new Thunderbolt displays at WWDC 2016 next month. These displays were rumored to tout 5K resolution and dedicated GPUs. It’s claimed that these displays are not going to be launched at the keynote, or at any point in the immediate future.

What the report doesn’t say is that if Apple is going to release such displays at all. The Thunderbolt displays are very much due for an update, and putting GPUs inside them makes quite a lot of sense as the displays will then be able to drive ultra-high resolution screens themselves.

Apple has obviously confirmed nothing yet, so we’ll just have to wait until its keynote at WWDC 2016 at be absolutely sure, but it does merit mentioning here that no concrete evidence has surfaced to support the theory that new Thunderbolt displays are on the agenda for WWDC 2016.

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