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Apple’s WWDC 2020 Will Be Adopting A New Online Format
So it was previously reported that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Apple could be considering cancelling its annual WWDC event. It turns out that the company has done that, sort of, where instead of hosting a physical event like they always do, they will instead be launching a new online format.

WWDC 2020 Could Be In Trouble As Santa Clara County Asks Apple To Reconsider Hosting It
In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, more events around the world are being cancelled. The latest casualty came in the form of Google I/O 2020 where the company announced that they will no longer be hosting a physical event for it. This has led to some to wonder if Apple’s WWDC 2020 event could also be affected.

Analysts Predict Apple Will Launch SiriOS At WWDC 2020
Apple was the first to the market to launch a digital assistant for our smartphones. However, the feature did not exactly work as advertised at launch, and the fact that it was closed off to developers meant that Siri was extremely limited in its use. This led to competitors such as Amazon and Google to pull ahead of Apple in the digital assistant market.

These Are The iPhones That Are Compatible With iOS 13
If there is something that Apple gets right, it would be with their software updates. This is because the company tends to support its devices for as long as possible, versus Android in which your mileage may vary from brand to brand, but typically you get about two years worth of updates.


Apple Will Require Apps To Offer ‘Sign In With Apple’ If They Use Competing Services
One of the new features introduced in iOS 13 is the ability for apps to introduce a “Sign in with Apple” option. This is basically Apple’s answer to the sign-in services offered by other companies, such as Facebook and Google, with Apple emphasizing that their option will offer up more privacy as it does not collect data on the user who chooses to use that option.

iOS 13 Will Come With A More Intelligent Battery Charging System
A couple of years ago, Apple came under fire when it was discovered that they had been throttling their iPhones. The official reason was that Apple slowed down iPhones with aging batteries to prevent it from crashing, but many weren’t too thrilled that they weren’t at least given the option.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Could Cost $50,000 Fully Specced Out
Apple recently took the wraps off their new Mac Pro and as we said, it does not come cheap where it has a base price of $5,999. This means that should a user customize it with higher-end hardware, things could get pricey, but how pricey? Apple has yet to put the computer up for sale which means that we’re not sure how much the other configurations could cost, but The […]

Apple Is FINALLY Bringing Mouse Support To The iPad
As powerful as the iPad Pros are, many have pointed out that it still isn’t quite there yet in terms of it being a potential laptop replacement. This is because of the limitations of iOS, where you can’t quite pull off certain functions like you would on an OS like macOS or Windows, but that has changed when Apple launched iPadOS.

iOS 13 Will Remove The 200MB App Download Limit Over Cellular Entirely
Earlier this week, it was revealed that Apple had quietly increased the download limit from 150MB to 200MB for app downloads made over a cellular internet connection. We lamented at that time that a 50MB increase wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it turns out that it was merely an appetizer for what was to come.

Apple Unveils Its 32-inch 6K Pro Display XDR
Many had thought that it was a bit of a waste that Apple had stopped making its Thunderbolt 3 displays. This is because these displays were great in terms of their color, but also in its design where it seems to fit Apple’s aesthetics perfectly. The good news is that it looks like Apple could be back in the display business.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Is Insanely Powerful…And Expensive
From a design standpoint, it’s not that hard to see why Apple went with what they did for the previous-gen Mac Pro. The company was trying to aim for a smaller footprint, but it turns out that as powerful as those computers were, it lost the modularity and upgradability of the Mac Pro of the old.

Some Apple Stores Will Be Live Streaming WWDC 2019
One of the joys of attending an event live in-person is that you get to share in the excitement and energy with everyone else in attendance. However, sometimes this isn’t always possible due to financial or logistical constraints, but thankfully technology these days has allowed us to enjoy these live events from the comfort of our own home.

Apple Could Be Retiring iTunes At WWDC 2019
iTunes has become rather synonymous with Apple. The app was used to do all sorts of things, such as buy music, videos, books, sync up with iOS devices, and more. Over time, the app has gotten very bloated due to all these additional features, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Apple could be planning on retiring it for good.

Apple Sends Out Media Invites To WWDC 2019 For June 3
Are you excited to see what Apple has in store for its Mac and iOS devices? If you are, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the company is gearing up for its upcoming WWDC 2019 event. They have started to send out invites to the event which was previously confirmed to take place on the 3rd of June, 2019.