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TextEdit Icon Spotted In iOS 10 During WWDC Demo
For those who don’t use Apple’s OS X (now known as macOS), the company bundles a rather barebones word processor called TextEdit, which we guess could be thought of as the equivalent to Notepad for Windows. However could the app be making its way onto iOS 10? According to a screenshot, it seems that there are hints that it could.

‘Game Center’ Finally Meets Its Demise In iOS 10
Several years ago, Apple introduced Game Center which was designed to be a hub for iOS gamers. Users could add friends to their list, check up on what kind of games they are playing, their achievements, their high scores, and in some cases, even challenge them. While it was no doubt well-intentioned, let’s face it, how many of us actually bothers with the app?

Apple TV Devs No Longer Required To Support The Siri Remote
One of the notable features of the new Apple TV is its Siri Remote. With the Siri Remote, Apple has given it an upgrade where it can detect motion, operate Siri, and also features a touchpanel. Given its features and capabilities, naturally Apple wanted to take advantage of it and required developers to support the remote when developing for the Apple TV.

iMessage Will Support Sending Money Via Square Cash
The Messages app on iOS for the most part has always felt a bit like a gloried SMS app. It sends and receives messages, it allows users to attach media, and that’s pretty much. This is versus other apps like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and so on which have richer features like voice/video calling, minigames, stickers, and so on. All of this changed in iOS 10.


You Can Soon Use Apple Pay To Pay For Online Purchases
One of the rumored announcements for WWDC would be Apple Pay for the web. Essentially this brings the same secure payments method via Touch ID to online purchases as well, thus covering both traditional brick and mortar shopping and online shopping at the same time. Turns out the rumors were true after all as Apple Pay for the web has been announced.

iOS 10 Will Finally Allow Users To Uninstall Stock Apps
Let’s face it, how many of us actually bothers to use the stock iOS apps like the Compass, Tips, or Find Friends? Sure, there are some of us who might have use for voice memos, stocks, and reminders (even though there are much better alternatives), but the fact remains is that these apps are there whether we like it or not.

Apple Launches Swift Playgrounds To Teach Kids How To Code
Swift is an open-source programming language that Apple launched a couple of years ago. It is also the same programming language that developers use to create iOS and macOS apps, and what better way to get developers ingrained with the language and the iOS platform other than to start them out at a young age?

These Are The Devices Compatible With iOS 10
iOS 10 was announced earlier today and Apple did introduce a fair number of new features and improvements that they would be making to the operating system. Now if you are eager to get your hands on the software, note that not every iOS device will be compatible, but here’s a list of devices that are.

iOS 10 Top 10 Features: What's New?
iOS was hailed as “the mother of all releases” by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, and it’s true that it is one of most important release. Of course, each new iOS version actually comes with hundreds of new APIs and smaller features, but Apple put forward 10 of the most visible novelties that users should look at and try.

Major tvOS Update Brings Single Sign-On, Live Channels And More To Apple TV
Apple has made its much-awaited software announcements today at the WWDC 2016 keynote, it has detailed the next major tvOS update for Apple TV which brings several new features to the set-top box aside from the ability to stream live TV channels. Features include Single Sign-On and YouTube search, among others.

OS X Renamed To macOS, Finally Gets Siri
Apple has just announced the latest version of its desktop operating system and perhaps the biggest change it has made is the name. After 15 years, OS X has been renamed as macOS and now with this update, all four of Apple’s operating systems have similar names: iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. It doesn’t mean Apple’s desktop OS is going to become more likes its mobile OS, rather it’s just an […]

Siri Seemingly Confirms ‘Dark Mode’ For iOS 10
Last week thanks to a series of concept images, it imagined that iOS 10 would add a “Dark mode” to the operating system. Just in case you’re unfamiliar, dark mode essentially applies a dark theme to the operating system, making it easier on the eyes in low-light situations, or for users who just want something a little different.

Even Siri Is Hinting At Upcoming Mac Support
Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri got its start on the iPhone. Over the past couple of years, Siri has made its way to more Apple devices, but it’s yet to arrive on Macs. This year the rumor mill appears to have reached a consensus that Macs are finally getting Siri. Now, even the digital assistant itself is hinting at upcoming Mac support being announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 […]

Apple Pay For Websites Rumored For WWDC Launch
As it stands Apple Pay can be used when shopping at actual brick and mortar shops. However a rumor from earlier this year indicated that Apple Pay for websites could be launching soon, and now a report from Digital Trends (via MacRumors) says that the feature could be announced at WWDC 2016 next week.