macbook pro mh 7Several days ago we caught a glimpse at what a MacBook Pro with an OLED touch panel could look like, and we have to say that we are loving the idea. Now thanks to designer Martin Hajek, new and more detailed concept images have surfaced that shows what an OLED touch panel on the MacBook Pro could do.

As we had stated previously, one of the possibilities of such a design would allow the touch panel to be contextual depending on the task at hand. In Hajek’s designs, he shows exactly this, like how when running Spotify, the app’s logo will be displayed along with media controls like pause, play, skip, and even a progress bar that could potentially let you fast forward to rewind the song.

Other possibilities could include showing information like battery life, time/date, and the username on the touch panel. It can also be used to show a progress bar when transferring files, or have the entire OLED display light up when Siri is activated. Now some of the examples might be a bit redundant if they are going to be available on the screen as well, but it’s still a good example of what such a design could do.

Of course whether or not the final product will actually look like Hajek’s designs is an entirely different story, but we are certainly hoping that will be the case!

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