oneplus_3_002The OnePlus 3 is an affordable handset and presumably one of the reasons it is affordable because in terms of its display, the handset is still relying on the Full HD resolution versus QHD that we’re seeing in flagship smartphones these days. Unfortunately it also serves as a point of contention when it comes to reviews of the phone.

However enough is enough because the company’s co-founder Carl Pei has since taken to Reddit to defend (and to rant) the company’s decision of going with a Full HD resolution instead of QHD, which is what many had expected and hoped the company would do. According to Pei, “Do you think the price delta between a 2K AMOLED and a 1080p AMOLED is huge? It’s a product decision, and spec by spec is not how to judge a product.”

Prior to this, Pei also had to explain what Optic OLED meant, and he also defended the reason why they used it and not something else like sRGB. “The vast majority of our users, and reviewers love Optic AMOLED. It is NOT tuned to sRGB, and was never meant to be. sRGB tuning is a niche requirement and is not the right choice for the vast majority of smartphone users. Why do you think it’s hidden under developer settings on the 6P? For those who need it, we’ve taken note, and have added it to the next OTA.”

Now whether or not you take Pei’s word for it is entirely up to you, but like we said, the OnePlus 3 packs some of the latest hardware specs available for smartphones today, save for its display, and if you’re the type that can truly tell the difference between Full HD and QHD at a glance, then maybe the OnePlus 3 might not be the phone for you.

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