Winston_OverwatchSome might say that Blizzard is late to the FPS game in which we’ve seen titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield dominate, but it seems that Blizzard being late to the game might actually be a blessing in disguise as it allowed them to learn from the mistakes of other titles in the genre, and one those mistakes would be how to deal with rage quitters.


In a post on the Blizzard forums, community manager Lylirra detailed what Blizzard will be doing to handle rage quitters, and one of the ways would be to hit players with a pretty severe 75% XP penalty on future games. “If you leave too many games and your ‘games played’ vs ‘games completed’ percentage falls below our required threshold, you will receive a warning message (this percentage is calculated based on your 20 most recent games).”

Players who ignore the warning will eventually hit with the penalty which can only be removed once they have completed enough games to raise their “games played” vs “games completed” percentage. Blizzard also notes that getting kicked from a game due to inactivity or getting disconnected will count towards the penalty as well.

Blizzard is certainly working towards making Overwatch a fun and stable environment for gamers. Many who have played the game has noticed that for the most part, the trolling, cussing, and threats made to players found in other FPS titles is pretty much non-existent in Overwatch. Blizzard has also actively gone after cheaters by perma-banning them even if it is their first time, so hopefully these new rules regarding rage quitters will help make it a more enjoyable experience overall.

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