macbook proLater this year and if the rumors are to be believed, Apple is expected to introduce a redesigned MacBook Pro. This MacBook Pro is said to be thinner and lighter than ever, and will also come with an OLED touch panel to replace the row of function keys on the keyboard. Now according to the latest supply chain reports, production appears to be well underway.

According to new rumors, it seems that Apple supplier Jarllytec has begun to ship the hinges required for the redesigned MacBook Pro. However it should be noted that the hinges shipped are for the 13-inch MacBook Pro model, and that the 15-inch models are expected to be shipped out in Q3 of 2016, which makes sense if Apple is aiming for a Q4 launch of the laptops.

These are said to be metal injection molding hinges that will allow Apple to create an even thinner and lighter laptop than before, and given that the MacBook Pros aren’t exactly Apple’s most svelte models, this could be a welcome change for users who need the performance of the MacBook Pro but want the lightness of say, the MacBook Air.

Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt, but we suppose even if the OLED touch panel rumors do end up being false, we can at the very least expect a hardware refresh, so check back with us at a later date for the details.

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