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T-Mobile has really shaken up the wireless industry in the country through its uncarrier initiatives over the last two years. Previous uncarrier announcements have included more simple payment plans, freedom to stream movies and music at no additional cost, free international texting and much more. It’s a pretty big deal to what the carrier has in store for us yet. T-Mobile has confirmed that it’s going to make the uncarrier 11 announcement on June 6th.

Magenta hasn’t dropped any hints as to what it might be announcing as part of its latest uncarrier initiative, but it is doing things a bit differently this time around.

The announcement will be live streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and T-Mobile.com. Its customers will be tune in through whichever service they prefer and see for themselves what the fuss is all about.

There haven’t been many rumors about what we can expect to hear from T-Mobile at its upcoming press event, but it’s likely going to be new initiatives aimed at giving customers more bang for their buck at T-Mobile, that has always been the crux of its uncarrier announcements after all.

Magenta’s uncarrier 11 press event is going to start at 1 pm ET. You can catch the live stream rather easily on the carrier’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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