twitch-ao-banSome of you guys might recall that a few years ago, Instagram did a huge purge across its platform where they got rid of bots and fake accounts designed to help inflate the numbers of users. Given that there are some people who make a living from promoting products on Instagram, naturally having a large audience that they can show off to advertisers is an advantage.


The same can also be said for other platforms such as Twitch, where having a high viewer count during your stream could pass you off as being popular. Unfortunately Twitch is having none of that and they have announced that they will be cracking down on view-bots, bots which are designed to artificially inflate the actual number of viewers a streamer has.

How will they be fighting against these bots? By taking legal action. According to Twitch, “Today we are adding a third layer. We are taking the next step toward protecting Twitch viewers and broadcasters from the damaging effects of this kind of malicious activity by taking public legal action against seven of the most active sellers of viewbot services.”

Now Twitch already has measures in place to prevent such situations from arising, but there are of course enterprising bot creators who are constantly on the move to try and circumvent said system, but hopefully with legal action taking place, it will discourage users and bot creators from using such “cheat” systems in the future.

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