warcraft movieChances are if you are a fan of the Warcraft franchise, the Warcraft movie is one that you’ve been waiting for a long time now. However you’ve probably heard that the general consensus is that it is a bad movie, and that probably only fans of the franchise will love it. Despite the negative reviews, over in China the results paint a completely different picture.

According to the numbers from Forbes, it has been reported that the Warcraft movie managed to pull in a whopping $47 million in its first day alone in China. This number actually means that the movie beat out the likes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which is probably one of the most highly-anticipated movies in a while.

For those wondering, Star Wars made $30-33 million on its first day in China. Of course the demographics are different as apparently Warcraft is a really huge deal in China. According to Forbes, the Warcraft movie has been estimated to pull in $25 million in America on its opening day which is set for the 10th of June.

Like we had previously reported, despite the negative reviews, the movie is actually doing well in other countries besides the US. That being said while it is possible that the movie could go on to be a financial success, we’re not sure the negative reviews will help convince movie studios and maybe even Blizzard that a second movie deserves to be made.

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