got spoilersEveryone hates spoilers, but due to the intrigue and never-ending twisting plotlines of HBO’s Game of Thrones that basically makes it impossible to predict, it seems that fans of Game of Thrones take spoilers very, very, very seriously. Now if there is someone you hate, or maybe you’re just a huge troll, there is actually a website that will anonymously spoil Game of Thrones to the person of your choice.


Dubbed, this website basically texts Game of Thrones spoilers to the number that you specify. As you can see in the screenshot above, that is one example of how someone would receive a spoiler (apologies if you haven’t seen that episode by now). It is also anonymous meaning that your friend won’t know that it is you who spoiled it for them, making it a rather evil, but delicious, prank to pull.

Unfortunately it won’t be free as each text message sent will cost $0.99, which can rack up if you plan on spoiling it for everyone on your contact list. “Do your friends love Game of Thrones, but watch it after it airs? Are you a terrible friend? Great! For just $0.99 USD, Spoiled will anonymously andruthlessly text spoilers to your unsuspecting friends after each new episode airs. Afterwards, sit back, relax, and follow Spoiled on Twitter to see how your friends react.”

So why create such an evil website to begin with? Apparently the idea was inspired by this story of how a woman was cheated on by her now ex-boyfriend, and to take her revenge, she sends him Game of Throne spoilers every Monday.

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