Just because you aren’t fat doesn’t mean that you are healthy, just like how some athletes weigh a lot but are considered healthy because they have a low body fat percentage. Basically there’s more to indicate one’s health than just by weight, which is why our weighing scales at home these days needs to be smarter than just displaying weight.

Enter Withings. The company has recently announced their latest smart connected weighing scale called the Body Cardio. Withings has dabbled in smart scales in the past so this isn’t exactly brand new territory to them. However the company is boasting that this is their most advanced product that they have put out to date.

Operation is simple and all users have to do is stand on it and it will show their stats, like BMI, body composition, weight, and standing heart rate. However there is a slightly more advanced model that offers a new measurement: pulse wave velocity which shows how fast blood circulates in your body. Apparently faster blood flow could indicate stiff arteries meaning that you could be at risk for hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

All of this information will be shared to the accompanying app meaning that users will be able to keep track of their health easily and at a glance. Unfortunately this smart scale won’t be cheap as it is priced at $180, or if you don’t think you have a need for the PWV measurement, there is a cheaper model priced at $130. Both are available via Apple and Withings stores, but it will arrive at other retailers by 7th July.

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