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Navigate On Autopilot Arrives In Latest Tesla Update
Telsa released Autopilot Version 9 a few weeks ago and it’s now rolling out a new update for its vehicles to bring the Navigate with Autopilot feature. It’s going to enable the company’s cars to guide themselves from a highway’s on-ramp to off-ramp while being under the driver’s supervision. It’s yet another step forward in realizing an autonomous future for cars.

Tesla To Bring Back Free Autopilot Trials
Tesla has been delivering cars with Autopilot hardware installed regardless of whether the customer has bought the convenience feature package which enables its semi-autonomous driving feature. Tesla started offering free Autopilot trials to those customers starting in 2016 so that they could try out the feature free for one month before deciding whether or not they wanted to pay for the upgrade. It stopped the trials some time back but […]

Tesla Model S With Autopilot Enabled Crashes With Parked Police Car
You would find it a bit difficult to explain yourself if you were to crash your car into a parked police SUV but what if the car did that of its own accord? That’s basically what happened to a Tesla Model S driver in Laguna Beach. The car crashed into a parked police SUV and reportedly had its Autopilot system engaged at that time.

Tesla Updates Autopilot With Advanced Semi-Autonomous Driving Features
Autopilot is what Tesla calls its suite of semi-autonomous features. The company has sent out a new software update today for Tesla cars built since October 2016 which adds advanced semi-autonomous driving features to Autopilot. If you’re wondering why this update is only for cars built since October 2016, that’s because Tesla started producing its Model S and Model X cars with a more advanced sensor package.


Tesla Autopilot Crash Investigation Doesn't Demand Recall
It was reported in June last year that a Tesla driver was killed when the car’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving feature was activated. It was the first known fatality in a Tesla car so naturally, it was a big deal. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration launched an investigation into the incident which has now been completed. The investigation has ended without demanding a recall.

Updated Tesla Autopilot Release Confirmed For December
Tesla announced a couple of months ago that an updated Autopilot system will be rolled out to further improve its cars’ semi-autonomous driving functionality. The semi-autonomous system will rely more on the radar after the update as it believes to have solved many of the issues that limited the radar’s role to that of a supplementary sensor ever since it was integrated into Tesla cars back in 2014. The company’s […]

New Tesla Autopilot's 'Gradual' Release Starts Today
Tesla CEO Elon Musk first revealed a few weeks ago that the company was working on a major upgrade to the Autopilot system. The update was officially announced by the company over a week ago, confirming that the semi-autonomous driving system will now rely more on radar. Tesla has developed this Autopilot update as the system has recently come under fire after it was accused of being at fault in […]

Tesla Investigating Fatal Model S Crash In The Netherlands
For the last couple of months there have been a couple of accidents involving Tesla cars and its semi-autonomous Autopilot driving system, one of them was a fatal accident in which the driver did not survive. Unfortunately, another such accident has taken place in The Netherlands. The driver of this Tesla Model S has passed away.

Major Tesla Autopilot Update Coming Soon: Elon Musk
Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk just tweeted to inform the public that the company has been working on a major Tesla Autopilot update and that it’s going to be released soon. The Autopilot features have had quite a lot of bad press recently due to some incidents, and though the company has maintained that Autopilot has not been at fault, it has been continuously working to make the system […]

Germany Wants Self-Driving Cars To Have Black Boxes
Given all of the work that’s being done on self-driving cars, it seems inevitable that in a few years we’ll have cars that can drive themselves without needing any help from us mere humans. However, there are significant legal and regulatory issues that need to be resolved before autonomous cars can take to the streets. Germany’s transport ministry has proposed new legislation which would require any cars with self-driving features […]

Consumer Reports Calls On Tesla To Disable Autopilot, Tesla Not Impressed
Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving feature, called Autopilot, is getting a lot of negative press recently after it was revealed that the feature was switch on in a fatal Tesla crash earlier this year. About a week ago, Autopilot was blamed for yet another crash which was fortunately not fatal but Tesla absolved Autopilot of all responsibility after an investigation. Consumer Reports, which ranks Tesla cars very highly, has called on the […]

Tesla Absolves Autopilot Of Responsibility In Model X Crash
It was reported recently that has has been another Tesla accident in which the Autopilot semi-autonomous driving feature was activated. The first was a fatal crash that’s already being investigated by multiple government bodies and fortunately the second accident was not fatal. These accidents have caused people to question whether or not this technology is ready for public release but Tesla is firmly standing by it. The company has absolved […]

Fatal Tesla Crash Now Being Investigated By The SEC
The Securities and Exchange Commission has reportedly started investigating a fatal Tesla crash that happened on May 7th this year, the crash is already being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because the company’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system was switched on when the crash happened. The SEC is looking into the matter to ascertain whether Tesla broke the law by not informing investors about the crash immediately.

Another Tesla Crash Blamed On Autopilot
Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system Autopilot is taking a lot of heat these days following revelations that the system was turned on in a Model S that was involved in a fatal accident earlier this year, though some reports suggest that the driver may not have been sticking to the precautions that Tesla suggests for Autopilot use. There has been another crash, though not fatal, it has been blamed on the […]