Earlier this month Blizzard unveiled two new heroes for Heroes of the Storm. Warcraft’s Gul’dan was one of them, and the other is Auriel from Diablo 3 where she is one of the archangels from the Diablo universe. For those interested in playing a support hero, Auriel will be the latest one added to the game, and she has been set for a release on the 8th of August.

Gamers who have access to the Public Test Realm will be able to take her for a spin next week before her public release, but if you’d rather not spoil it for yourself, then maybe you should wait. Like we said, Auriel will be a support hero and will be capable of healing her allies. She will come with healing skills like Ray of Hope, and Heroic Abilities such as Crystal Aegis and Resurrect.

According to Blizzard’s description, “It is through the Archangel Auriel that the power of hope flows into the fabric of creation. Her eternal light illuminates even the darkest souls. Seeking harmony in all things, she is a mediator, a counselor, and when the need arises, a fearless warrior.“

She will also come with damaging abilities, but her role as support means that you probably shouldn’t expect to deal too much damage, at least not compared to heroes with the Assassin trait. In the meantime you can check Auriel out in action in the video trailer above.

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