For gamers who have played games like Quake and Doom, chances are you are probably familiar with the game’s B.F.G., which is short for “Big Fragging Gun”, or “Big F***ing Gun”, or in the (terrible) Doom movie, “Big Force Gun”. Now for those who wonder how would such a gun handle in real-life, wonder no more.


The folks at Bethesda have 3D printed a life-sized version of the gun and even ran a competition for fans to create their own paint job for the weapon. The winner of the competition, John Allen, got to keep the final product which we have to say looks pretty damn awesome! Of course the gun doesn’t actually fire, but that thing is still pretty massive and looks totally bad-ass all the same.

The gun was created by MyMiniFactory, which considering the size of the gun and the name of the company is rather ironic. They also worked on the design from the actual game files provided by id Software, thus making the gun as realistic and as close to the in-game version as possible, instead of simply working with reference images.

The end result is a 3D printed B.F.G. which measures 3 feet long, 18-inches tall, 18-inches wide, and weighs a whopping 36 pounds. Damn, that looks heavy!

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