diablo_3_tormentIf there is one thing Blizzard has going for them it is that they are pretty good at keeping their games up to date. For example Diablo 3 has been out for many years, but Blizzard is still doing their best to keep the game fresh and exciting for gamers who are still playing the game, and gamers who are just discovering the game.

Now for seasoned Diablo 3 players looking for a reason to come back or looking for something new to do, Blizzard has announced a new upcoming patch that will bump the game to version 2.4.2. Apart from the usual host of bug fixes and balances, one of the notable changes is that the patch will introduce 3 new difficulty levels to the game.

Right now the maximum difficulty is Torment X, but with the upcoming patch, we will be treated to Torment XI, XII, and XIII, which is level 11-13 just to clarify. These new difficulty levels will obviously make the game harder, but it will also introduce better loot compared to lower levels, so if you think that you’re getting too strong for Torment X, these new levels should hopefully give you a run for your money.

The patch will also introduce some changes to the user interface, changes made to Adventure Mode, as well as the introduction of new items and Legendary powers, the details of which can be found in the 2.4.2 PTR Patch Notes.

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