Google’s little HDMI dongle has turned out to be one of its best-selling hardware products. The company launched this dongle about two years ago as a way for people to use HDMI ports to bring smart capabilities to their TVs. It was priced at $35 which made it a very attractive option as opposed to spending a few hundred dollars on buying a smart TV. The company has revealed that it has sold an impressive 30 million units of the Chromecast since launch, it sold 5 million units in just the last two months alone.

The 30 million units sold figure includes the original Chromecast, the second-generation Chromecast as well as the Chromecast Audio.

The numbers were revealed by Google CEO Sundar Pichai during the company’s quarterly earnings call following Alphabet’s announcement of $21.6 billion in revenue for the second quarter of this year.

In the first year alone after the device was launched in 2013, Google sold more than 17 million units. Google last shared sales figures for the Chromecast back in May, at that time it was at 25 million units shipped.

The fact that it shipped a whopping 5 million units in the last two months goes to show just how popular this little product has proven to be for the company.

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