vacation-responderFor those who receive a ton of emails that they are expected to reply to, features like vacation responders are pretty neat. What happens here is that when you receive an email, you’ll automatically reply by saying that you are not at work and you’ll get back to that person when you return.


Oddly enough this feature is not available directly within the Inbox app for Android. Instead users who wish to have a vacation responder will need to enable it within Gmail, which in turn enables it for Inbox as well. It’s a bit strange and an extra step that users have to take, but thankfully that could be done away with soon.

The folks at XDA have recently discovered that in the Inbox v1.27 APK, it seems that Google has included vacation responders within the Inbox app itself. This means that users can set their responses within the app instead of having to set it within Gmail. It’s not a particularly major feature, but it’s one of those convenient and quality-of-life improvements that helps make the overall experience a lot better.

That being said, v1.27 isn’t available for public download yet, but with its APK available, it does suggest that Google could be close to releasing it, but we’ll keep an eye out for it all the same. No word on whether the iOS version will be updated at the same time, but ultimately we reckon that both apps should receive the feature at some point.

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