A couple of No Man’s Sky trailers have already been released to give us a preview of the massive worlds of this game. The latest shows us that as we admire those worlds, we might find it hard to survive in them. The latest No Man’s Sky is all about how players will find it to survive in the massive worlds of this game, it gives us a sense of the challenges that we can expect once we get our hands on this game.

Interestingly, weather is going to be one of the biggest issues for planet hoppers in No Man’s Sky. Planets can either get very cold or unbearably hot so players will have to be on top of destructive acid rain, high radiation levels as well as animal inhabitants who can be potentially deadly.

Players will have to work their way up to get suit upgrades which will protect them against the elements. They will also be properly armed to fight off alien enemies. All of it sounds like a lot of fun.

This latest trailer is part of developer Hello Games’ Guide to the Galaxy series which will teach players about the various aspects of this game. No Man’s Sky is out on August 9th for PlayStation 4 while the PC launch will take place on August 12th.

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