It would be a massive understatement to say that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm despite the fact that it still hasn’t been properly rolled out across the globe. These news reports about this game are now getting beyond interesting. We’ve already seen players stumble upon a dead body while on the search for Pokemon and one even gave up his job to play this game full-time, this is the story of a man who got stabbed while playing Pokemon Go and he skipped a trip to the hospital because he wanted to continue playing.

Michael Baker, who hails from Oregon, was hanging out in the Forest Grove area to catch Pokemon when suddenly he was stabbed by a stranger. The person was passing him by and he asked if the guy was also playing Pokemon Go. His response was to stab Baker for no apparent reason.

Speaking to reports, 21-year-old Baker said that he decided against immediately going to a hospital to seek medical attention because he wanted to continue playing Pokemon Go.

It was only when he was done that he went to the hospital and sought medical attention. Baker needed eight stitches in his shoulder as a result of a stabbing and while just the thought of having to get stitches makes may people cringe, Baker seems relatively chill about this bizarre incident.

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