marissa-mayer-yahooWhen you think of search platforms, you probably think of companies like Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo. No one would ever think of Apple since Apple does not have their own search business. Instead last we checked, Google and Apple have a partnership which sees Google made the default search engine on platforms such as iOS.


This is why the internet is recently abuzz when Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer mentioned Apple in the same breath as other search companies like Google and Microsoft during a recent earnings call. During the call, Mayer was talking about how search remained an important and lucrative part of Yahoo’s GAAP revenue.

She then said, “With search making up more than half of our GAAP revenue, it remains an important area of our business. Today, our search business is built on strong partnerships with Microsoft (MSFT), Google, Mozilla, Apple and Oracle (ORCL), among others.” For those wondering, the reason for mentioning Mozilla is because in 2014, Yahoo signed a deal with Mozilla in which they would replace Google as the default US search engine in its browser.

So like we said, it is interesting that Mayer mentioned Apple. Does the company have some kind of upcoming deal with Apple that has yet to be formally announced? Could Yahoo replace Google on iOS/macOS? We suppose it’s anyone’s guess but Yahoo did not provide any additional details and Apple has yet to respond to her statement.

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