mercedes-ar-app-first-responders-3We’re sure you guys have probably seen photos of a really bad car crash or two. Sometimes the cars are so mangled that it looks like trying to get the person out of the car is next to impossible, but this is the job of first rescuers and first responders. Now it isn’t as simple as just ripping the door off or cutting their way through the roof.

This is because due to the accident, certain things could have shifted around and cutting the wrong area could be disastrous for both the rescuer and the victim. This is why Mercedes has decided to make it easier for first responders with a new Rescue Assist app that relies on augmented reality technology.

Basically the app will be able to tell first responders where it would be best to start cutting into the car. Given that the app is designed by Mercedes, it will come with digital rescue cards for the company’s entire range of vehicles. The app will give users a 3D model that lets them zoom in and rotate, as well as overlay internal components of the car on top of the actual accident.

Newer Mercedes models will come with a QR code that will let users identify the car with the app, and the good news for owners of older models that these codes can be retrofitted onto their vehicles if they wish.

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