We reported yesterday that Microsoft was investigating reports of significant battery issues with the Surface Pro 3. Reports of the Surface Pro 3 facing these issues started coming in back in May this year and Microsoft finally said that it’s going to look into the matter. Well it has, and has blamed it on software, which is good news because apparently there’s nothing wrong with the hardware.

Most of the Surface Pro 3 users who have complained about unusual battery drain have units that come with SIMPLO batteries. Microsoft sourced batteries from both SIMPLO and LG for the Surface Pro 3 and only units with the former’s batteries are believed to be facing the issue. This led many to believe that it could perhaps be a hardware fault.

A forum moderator on the official Microsoft forums has said that the team has isolated the problem to a limited number of customers and that there are no issues with battery hardware. The moderator said that a software fix will do the trick and Microsoft is now “working through the details” on how to get this fix out.

More information about the fix will be shared with Surface Pro 3 owners once the team decides to release it, only then we’ll know how long it will take before this fix arrives.

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