netflix logoIf you use your browser to stream Netflix, you should probably stop unless you don’t mind watching videos in HD quality. Instead if you are on Windows, you should get the Netflix app which will actually stream the video in 1080p. However if for whatever reason you have to use the browser, you might want to consider switching to Microsoft’s Edge.


In a recent blog post by Microsoft, the Redmond company claimed that its Edge browser was the only one out of the big four browsers – Chrome, Firefox, and Opera – to actually offer up 1080p video streaming. This has since been confirmed by Reddit users who found out that Microsoft’s claims weren’t empty boasts.

Given that monitor resolution these days are starting to move up, and that there are some users who opt to use TVs for their monitors, being able to stream as high a resolution as possible is obviously important if you’d rather not watch TV shows and movies that aren’t as sharp as they can be.

It should be noted that Apple’s OS X Safari will also be able to stream Netflix in 1080p, but only on the version that is running on OS X, and not the no-longer-updated version for Windows, so both Windows and OS X users have some options to choose from.

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