pokemon detector onedrivePokemon GO is the craze of the moment and with the game having yet to be launched around the world, we expect that it will continue to trend for quite a while. Now we’re seeing a lot of photos of people posting their Pokemon GO experiences on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Microsoft wants to get in on the fun as well.

So much so that in a blog post, Microsoft announced that they have made some updates to its OneDrive cloud storage service which will now include a “Pokemon detector” feature. “And finally, we know that the Pokémon* craze has captured everyone’s attention. A lot of players take screenshots of their captured Pokémon to show off to their friends—both digitally and in person. We had to make it easier for you to find all your Pokémon screenshots, so we went to work and partnered with Microsoft Research to bring a Pokémon detector to OneDrive.”

Basically OneDrive will now be able to tell when you have taken screenshots from the Pokemon GO, and when it discovers a new screenshot, it will automatically be saved to OneDrive and categorized automatically, meaning that you will be able to go through your collection of Pokemon easily without having to scroll through pages of photos just to look for all the screenshots. It does seem like a novel feature, but for those of you with thousands of photos, this might come in handy.

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