Some of us don’t have the luxury of owning a big house or apartment. This means that when it comes to using the space that we do have, we have to be more selective, meaning that in some cases we might have to forgo that huge lounge sofa for a more compact 3-seater sofa, or give up the idea of a king-sized bed for a queen-sized bed.

However what if you did not have to give up on certain luxuries? This is what the folks at MIT Media Labs came up with when they created a spin-off company called Ori and teamed up with designer Yves Behar. The end result is a robotic apartment that can transform and adapt according to your needs.

They have created a storage system that at a touch of a button, will see a computer table extend from itself, or maybe it can move backwards and extend a bed. This means that when you need the space for work, it is there, but when you need a space to sleep, it will also be there ready for you, and all of this is done without wasting any space.

In fact this system kind of reminds us of an existing system created by LAAB Architects earlier this year, which you can check out for yourself in the video below. Unfortunately Ori has yet to announce how much its system will cost, but for those of us living in small apartments, this could be worth looking forward to.

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