nintendo mobileA report from the other day revealed some pretty telling details about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. According to the reports, the NX is said to be a console that focuses on portable gaming, although at the same time when players are at home, they can dock the console and play it on the big screen.

Now according to The Wall Street Journal, they have heard from a person familiar with the matter that more or less corroborates the earlier report, which is that the NX is a handheld console hybrid of sorts, and that it will apparently support Nintendo’s smartphone games. Getting into mobile games is something Nintendo has tried their hand at recently with the launch of the Miitomo.

The company does have plans to release more games in the near future, and for them to be compatible with the NX makes sense as it would allow gamers to keep gaming on the console instead of having to switch to their phone. However we suppose the question is, how many people would actually bother bringing their console out when their smartphones are just as capable?

In any case since this are all rumors at this point, they’re probably best taken with a grain of salt. However Nintendo is said to be sharing the details about the NX this coming fall ahead of the console’s release in 2017, so check back with us then for more details.

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