sign-on-nintendo-company-hqThe Nintendo NX has been set for a release come March 2017, although there are some analysts who thinks that Nintendo could miss that date. The good news is that it looks like that might not happen because during the company’s annual general meeting, Nintendo director Hirokazu Shinshi revealed that they were getting ready to manufacture the console.


According to Shinshi, he stated that Nintendo was preparing to manufacture the NX and they are currently working out the details like the extent of automation. He also adds that he hopes to create the optimal production environment, which basically sounds like Nintendo wants to ensure that production of the NX will go as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately it is unclear as to how many units Nintendo plans on manufacturing at the start. Given that the Wii U wasn’t exactly flying off the shelves, we guess we can’t blame Nintendo if they were to play it a little safe. Also because details of the console are still a mystery, it’s not as if Nintendo could use the public’s feedback to gauge potential interest either.

In any case details of the Nintendo NX are expected to be revealed this fall, so hopefully we will be in for a pleasant surprise with regards to its features and its lineup of games.

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