pokemon-goPokemon’s popularity was never in doubt, but the surge in popularity from Pokemon GO was certainly unexpected. Sure, we had thought that the game would be popular since its of the Pokemon franchise, but recent reports have revealed that the game is becoming a lot more popular than many would have expected.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Pokemon GO’s popularity has helped Nintendo in a huge way by increasing the value of its shares by as much as 25%. This has resulted in the company reaching a market cap of around $28 billion as on Monday. This has basically added a whopping $9 billion to the company in less than a week!

Prior to this, Nintendo appeared to be having some success with its first mobile effort, Miitomo. However it was later revealed that due to the lack of progression and content that players stopped playing the game as time moved on. While Pokemon GO was’t one of the mobile titles that the company will be launching, given that the company has a 32% stake in The Pokemon Company, we guess its success is pretty much Nintendo’s success as well.

Pokemon GO has made its way to several countries so far, but its international rollout was recently halted due to server issues that its developer was trying to get under control before resuming it.

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