SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that its reusable rockets are capable of making it back to Earth safely after completing their mission. The company has already landed its Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground and on a floating drone barge in the sea multiple times. The company is now looking to land three reusable rockets almost simultaneously in what would be an impressive feat of human engineering.

SpaceX is seeking permission from the federal government for two new landing sites in Florida which also happens to be the location of its first landing complex.

The company is going to need these extra landing sites in order to recover the rockets from the Falcon Heavy, a launch vehicle that’s significantly more powerful than the Falcon 9. The Falcon Heavy is essentially three separate rockets combined together and SpaceX wants to recover all of them after the mission.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the company has applied for permission to build additional launch sites in Florida, adding that he “can’t wait to see all three cores of Falcon Heavy come back for landings.” He also mentioned that the first two rockets will land almost simultaneously.

This is something that has never been done or even attempted before so it will certainly be very interesting to watch. The Falcon Heavy is expected to go on a mission later this year with SpaceX ultimately planning to use the launch vehicle for crewed missions to Mars.

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