Several reports suggest that the United States Army’s Special Operations Command has decided to shift from Android to iPhone. Apparently, this decision has been made due to problems soldiers were facing with the Android devices. Each soldier of the SOC is issued an Android Tactical Assault kit which is believed to contain a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Many soldiers have reportedly had to put up with the device freezing up frequently and even restarting several times. That’s not the most ideal situation to deal with when you’re in one of the premier units in the military.

A report claims that SOC soldiers will be shifted from an Android Tactical Assault kit to an iPhone Kit that’s going to feature the iPhone 6s.

The Army found the iPhone 6s to be “faster and smoother,” according to the source mentioned in’s original report, it applauds the handset’s graphics abilities and likes the fact that custom split screen apps can easily run on the iPhone 6s without freezing up or causing the handset to restart.

It’s unclear which Galaxy Note is included in the Android pack. If it’s the original Galaxy Note that came out back in 2010 then it makes sense why soldiers have been struggling with the device. Several Note flagships have been released since but the SOC appears to be fixated on the iPhone 6s. Then again, using the iPhone 6s after the original Galaxy Note really is going to convince a lot of people that the former is better than the latter.

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