Verizon is working towards a potential launch of “wireless fiber” in 2017, it wants to one of the first major wireless companies in the United States to provide broadband speeds over wireless connections. This, despite the fact that next-generation wireless technologies and standards like 5G are still in development.


Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam talked about this during the company’s Q2 earnings call. “We see the stars aligning very quickly when it comes to the 5G future,” he said, adding that the FCC has already completed radio specs, which enables wireless companies to start testing technical components.

McAdam said that the company’s efforts on commercialization of 5G is preparing it for “a fixed commercial wireless fiber launch in 2017.” He pointed to the FCC’s recent approval to Verizon’s lease agreement with XO Communications as a “clear spectrum path for 5G deployment.”

Wireless fiber will significantly change the company’s cost structure and it expects to see a big cost reduction. Verizon isn’t giving any numbers as yet but the CEO does point out that home routers cost the same and that Verizon can flip the switch on 5G at an incremental cost.

The company has been running tests in Dallas, Virginia, and in New Jersey with speeds over 1 Gbps at distances of 500 yards or less. Verizon will soon start moving tests into the field with coverage being expanded to 200-home developments to weed out any and all issues prior to a proper deployment of the wireless fiber service.

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