People will go to great lengths to take the perfect selfie in some cases that has meant a rather tragic ending, this time, it’s not a tragic ending for a human being but for a fawn or baby deer. A woman in Michigan stole fawns from the forest and brought them home not only to raise them as pets but also to take lots of selfies with them.

Karen Hofstetter, of Montcalm County, Michigan stole four fawns from the forest which were seized from her home back in May. One of them has already been returned to the wild while two are still being rehabilitated. Unfortunately, one of the fawns died on the way to the rehabilitation center.

You might think that she would have immediately regretted her decision but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She didn’t just defend her actions but she also launched into a tirade against the Department of Natural Resources of Michigan. In a now deleted Facebook post, she wrote: “Montcalm DNR is a piece of (expletive),” adding that “Any animal I see from today until the day I finally (expletive) die I’m going to kill. Snapping necks (expletive). #orangeisthenewblack”

Hofstetter did eventually apologize for the outburst, saying that she hasn’t actually killed an animal in her life and says that she’s sorry that she posted about it. She has been charged with four counts of taking a protected animal from the wild, each conviction has a fine of up to $1,000 but she struck a deal which brings down the fines to $575.

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