dolphinYou might recall that back in 2016 there was a story of how a washed up dolphin died after tourists decided to grab at it to snap selfies instead of putting it back in the water. Now it looks like we have another similar case and for some reason it is taking place in Argentina once again.

According to local media (via PhoneArena), it seems that pretty much the same thing happened where a baby dolphin was found washed up on the beach of San Bernardo. However instead of putting the dolphin back in the water, the tourists decided that the best course of action was to start touching the creature and taking photos with it. The incident was caught on video and uploaded to Twitter (see above).

Later a woman by the name of Claudia told La Capital that by the time the tourists were done, the dolphin was left for dead where it was still breathing, although everyone else at the scene claimed that it was dead and refused to return it to the water. We’re not sure how true the reports are because the previous incident was later reported to be different than we had thought.

The previous report was later refuted where it was suggested that the dolphin was already dead and that the tourists were trying to put it back in the water. Either way if this new report is true, it wouldn’t be the first time that an attempt to grab the perfect selfie has resulted in an accident or death.

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