no_mans_skyNo Man’s Sky was released on the PS4 without too much issue. It was its PC release that seemed to be plagued with all kinds of technical issues, ranging from the game crashing, to stuttering, framerate drops, and whatnot. Last we heard, the developers were working on a patch that will hopefully address those issues.

However the good news is that in the meantime, the folks at AMD and NVIDIA are looking to do their part. Both companies have recently released drivers for their GPUs so that they will support the game, and according to some reports, it would seem that the new drivers are alleviating some of the problems gamers are experiencing.

In addition to supporting No Man’s Sky, both drivers will also add support for Paragon. They will also address some of the issues that aren’t necessarily related to No Man’s Sky, so even if you don’t play the game, having the latest drivers for your GPU is always a good idea. Gamers who are interested can head on over to AMD’s website to download the Crimson Edition 16.8.2 drivers.

NVIDIA customers will also be able to find the drivers for their GPU via NVIDIA’s website, so head on over to get your hands on it if you haven’t done so already.

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