no-mans-skyAs far as indie games are concerned, No Man’s Sky is probably one of the more highly anticipated titles for 2016. Now the console version of the game was launched not too long ago, and today is when the PC version is released. Unfortunately it seems that the PC version of the game is quite a mess, at least according to reports by gamers.

Now you might think that this has to do with the gamer not having good enough hardware, but it seems that even gamers who have decent rigs are reporting that the game keeps crashing on startup, stuttering, FPS drops, and screen-tearing, just to name a few. All of which we can only imagine makes for a rather bad experience.

Gamers have left largely negative comments on Steam, most of which seem to lambast the game for its technical performance. The good news, we guess, is the fact that those who managed to get the game running properly seem to be having a blast, so it looks like once its developers solve its PC woes we reckon those reviews should change.

There does not appear to be a fix because what works for someone doesn’t work for someone else. Some users claim that it’s really a coin toss as to whether it will play properly, but hopefully its developers will have a fix soon.

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