android-pay-ukDue to the way Android phones are made/designed, sometimes some components might not necessarily be in the same place as another phone. A good example would be the NFC chip in Android phones, where one phone could have placed it in the middle, and another phone from another company might have it placed at the top.

This can be a little confusing at times if you’re trying to do something with NFC and if you don’t know where the chip is, it might not be read properly. However this is something that Google plans on addressing with Android Pay, because it seems that they are working on letting users know where the NFC chip on their phone is.

According to the folks at Android Police, they have torn down the Android Pay app update and inside the app, they discovered some lines that seemed to indicate this. It reads, “<string name=”nfc_antenna_location_text”>The NFC chip on your %1$s is located %2$s. Hold this part of your phone to the terminal when paying.</string>”

We suppose it does sound very basic, or maybe even obvious to veteran users, but in case you’re new to Android Pay or NFC in general, these tips could come in handy.

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