apple-a10-iphone-7Assuming Apple does not change the way they name their products, this year’s iPhone will most likely be powered by the A10 chipset, and thanks to a recently leaked photo, an image of the A10 chipset has made its way online. The photo doesn’t really tell us much save for the A10 branding on it which we guess could be easily faked/photoshopped.


However given that Apple does introduce a newer chipset with every iPhone iteration, there’s a good chance that what we are seeing is the real deal. It is also likely that with the unveiling of the iPad that Apple could introduce a variant of the A10 in the form of the A10X, but these photos currently only show the A10.

In the meantime last we heard, Apple is still sticking to its dual core design. Recent benchmarks have indeed “confirmed” the dual core setup, which we guess to some might seem “slow” or “old”, at least compared to the quad and octa core chipsets we are seeing on Android phones, but to be fair since Apple does control both the hardware and software, as long as they can optimize it for the dual core chips it should be fine.

In any case if the recent rumors are true, we’ll be learning more about the new iPhone come 7th of September.

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