lyft_scheduleRide-sharing services like Uber have really taken off, which is why it isn’t surprising to see many companies try to come up with Uber alternatives. For example Lyft is a prime example of a competitor, and in China it seems that local alternatives are so much bigger than Uber that they could actually buy Uber out.

That being said, it looks like General Motors (GM) is also interested in ride-sharing services. The company had previously launched its own car-lending app and even acquired the now-defunct Sidecar, but recently it seems that company’s interest in the ride-sharing market has not waned as they had reportedly tried to acquire Lyft as well.

This is according to a report from The Information (paywall; via Engadget) where they revealed that GM had at one point in time expressed interest in acquiring the company. However it seems that Lyft had turned down their offer although they did not say why, but it has been speculated that Lyft likes its independence a little too much to belong to any company.

Whether or not this decision will work out for Lyft in the long-run remains to be seen, but in the meantime what do you guys make of this rumor? Do you think Lyft could have used the resources of GM to further their business and compete better with Uber?

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