Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s take on the MOBA genre and what makes it so appealing is how it uses various iconic characters from their various franchises. Now previously we’ve seen Blizzard adopt a more Diablo-esque focus on the game with Diablo characters and maps, but it looks like that focus has since shifted to StarCraft.


A couple of months ago, there was a rumor that Blizzard was working on StarCraft themed maps for the game, and sure enough those rumors have since come true. Blizzard has announced at Gamescom the latest update they will be making to Heroes of the Storm called “Machines of War”.

This will be a StarCraft-themed update and will come with new StarCraft Battlegrounds, quests, rewards, Heroes, mounts, skins, and more. For example Kerrigan will be getting a “Queen of Ghosts” skin which we have to say looks amazing. There will also be two new Battlegrounds based on the StarCraft franchise.

This includes Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction, where the former will see players capture beacons to unleash a swarm of Zergs on the enemy, while the latter will see players attempt to launch a warhead on the enemy. Last but not least, and while it isn’t StarCraft focused, Blizzard will also be introducing Zarya from Overwatch to the game. Machines of War is scheduled for a release on the 13th of September, while Zarya will be added to the game at a later date on the 27th of September.

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