nexus sailfishAs far as the HTC Nexus “Sailfish” handset is concerned, we’ve seen alleged renders of the handset surface, but if you have been wondering what the phone could look like in real life, you’re in luck as the folks at Android Police have managed to get their hands on what appears to be photos of the phone in the flesh.

Now these photos appear to be edited and cut out from a larger photo, and they’re not exactly of the highest quality isn’t, but they are good enough to make out some of the details. For example in the renders, it showed the back of the phone sporting a glass panel of sorts, and this photo certainly seems to confirm that.

The fingerprint sensor is also smack in the middle of the phone as per the leaks. Now according to Android Police, they claim that both the Sailfish and the Marlin handsets will be of the same design. Apparently they will also be made from the same material, meaning that earlier rumors about them made from different materials could be wrong.

Based on that, it would really seem that the difference between both phones would be its size and some of its hardware specs, meaning that phone would be more or less like the iPhone 6s vs the iPhone 6s Plus, in which its display size, resolution, and battery would be its key differentiating factors.

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