iphone7_hm_rendering_8Earlier this year we heard rumors that there could be three iPhone 7 models this year. There will be the regular iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 7 Pro which will reportedly feature the dual camera setup. Basically this Pro model was being aimed at users who wouldn’t mind paying a premium for the dual cameras.

However according to a report from Nikkei, it seems that Apple’s plans for the iPhone 7 Pro were killed off at the last minute. According to the publication, “The competition is so fierce that Apple killed off a premium iPhone 7 model in the second quarter, less than six months before its official launch in September, according to a source.”

The report also goes on to claim that the single-lens version of the iPhone 7 Plus had been killed off, meaning that all Plus models will now come with dual lenses. This seems to be more or less in line with all the leaks and rumors we have been hearing and seeing lately. Basically it sounds like Apple is back to the same two models, with the Plus model sporting a dual lens setup.

This is actually a good idea since having more models could complicate the buying process. Of course whether or not Apple even had a “Pro” model to begin with is anyone’s guess, but we guess we’ll have to wait and see when the phones are officially announced hopefully in September.

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