metal_gear_survive_5By now gamers might have heard that Konami has announced a new game in the Metal Gear franchise called Metal Gear Survive. It will also be the first Metal Gear game following Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami, and safe to say many are curious as to whether or not the company will be able to churn out similar quality games without the famed director.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Konami brand manager Richard Jones shared some details about the upcoming game. “So as you can see from the trailer, Survive is set after the events of Ground Zeroes. The Mother Base that had been built up during the Peacewalker storyline gets sabotaged from within and destroyed; that all collapses into the sea.”

Jones is also quick to add that stealth is a gameplay feature that they will be keeping, despite the fact that the reveal trailer did not show it. “Co-op is only one of the gameplay mechanics,” Jones hastens to add. “Obviously Metal Gear is well-known for its stealth, that is, primarily, what makes Metal Gear. There is stealth in it, I know when you’re watching the trailer it’s all very action-packed and it doesn’t really elicit that feeling, but there will be stealth and one of the really interesting things that we will be exploring and playing with is how stealth and co-op can actually co-exist.”

When asked about whether or not they have a director attached to the game, Jones declined to provide any specifics. In the meantime we have also heard that there are no plans to charge Metal Gear Survive as a full-priced game, meaning that we are probably looking at another Ground Zeroes kind of game.

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