Remember those PC vs Mac advertisements? Apple has stopped making them but Microsoft is putting its own spin on the idea. It has recently released several ad spots in which we can see the company bashing its competitor’s products and the latest it has created says that the MacBook Air is about just as useful as a hat for your cat when you compare it against the Surface Pro 4.

The latest ad has been created in the style of a musical which lists down all of the features of the Surface Pro 4 such as its touchscreen, stylus support and the lack of these features on the MacBook Air. It also points out that the Surface Pro 4 is lighter and more powerful than its rival.

It’s clear why Microsoft is picking up the pace with these ads which take a swing at Apple’s products. The back to school season is here and with the holidays approaching fast, the company will certainly be interested in increasing its sales at Apple’s expense.

Apple has so far not responded to these ads with some of its own that take the fight to Microsoft’s products. So far, Redmond appears to have a clear playing field, and from the looks of it the company might not give up on its Apple-bashing strategy anytime soon.

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