Microsoft has a habit of regularly taking swings at Apple products in its ads, and today it has released a new ad for the Surface Pro which puts it head-to-head against the iPad Pro. Apple recently released an ad which tried convincing people that the iPad Pro is nothing short of a full computer and some would say that Microsoft’s response puts the iPad Pro in its place.

The ad shows both devices at a party for the iPad Pro. Cortana asks Siri what the party is for and she replies “I just got a keyboard, I’m a computer now, like you.” So begin the jokes at the iPad Pro’s expense.

Cortana starts off by asking if the iPad Pro has more power provided by a processor like the Intel Core i7, and follows up by asking if the iPad Pro is running full Office and not just the app version. It even throws in a question about the trackpad and external ports for good measure, to which Siri just replies: “Maybe this party thing wasn’t a good idea.”

Microsoft has cleverly highlighted all of the features that the Surface Pro 4 offers that the iPad Pro doesn’t, enabling the former to run full Windows and making it capable of providing a full PC experience that desktop users are already familiar with.

Something tells me this argument about what can be considered a computer doesn’t end here. Your move, Apple.

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